Listed here are some of the multiple ministries that are available for your service or for you to join if they interest you. There is always work to be done, inside and out of His kingdom.


Mission: A dedicated Group of Christians committed to meet the needs of others, by supplying food, clothes, and shelter.

A service provided to help and assist in the funeral arrangements for those members who have lost loved ones.

Educational Department: 

Bible bowl, Children’s worship, Nursery, and Vacation Bible School (VBS) 

Mission: To teach students the word of God, how to handle it correctly, and to apply His word to everyday living. To assist and encourage the student toward continual growth in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Vision:  We are committed to providing the Wyoming Avenue Church of Christ an educational program that is scripturally sound and of the highest quality – emphasizing the importance of obedience to God, faith, and studying the Bible for spiritual growth.

Healing Hearts

Mission: “Compassionate, Caring, Loving, Giving, Forgiving…Helping Those in Need”
The Healing Hearts Ministry (HHM) will provide a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, assistance in benevolent needs, running errands and just being there for the individual when coping is too overwhelming. By the grace of Our Heavenly Father (through Jesus Christ), it is the HHM’s intention that each person finds spirituality comfort, peace, harmony and growth in Him during and after this time of need.  We are organized to make a difference and will be known as compassionate soldiers of Christ for hearts that are heavy.

Purpose: The Healing Hearts Ministries (HHM) mission is to sincerely provide spirituality, education, information and resources to empower the grieving to work through their emotions and to encourage them to succeed.  We confidentially and spiritually help persons who have experienced personal losses or emotional setbacks.  Loss extends beyond deaths of loved ones.  Grief can result in divorce, loss of pets, workplace unrests, relocation, “empty nest” syndrome, educational stress, etc.  With the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, the HHM will assist those affected to regain security, stability and most of all faith.


Nursing Home Visitation:

Mission: Provide a worship service to residents of nursing homes who cannot make it out to the church.  This ministry goes on the first Sunday and third Saturday of every month.  We facilitate a service and interactions with the residents to show that we care.

Prison Ministry
Mission: “Unlock the Mind and the Soul Will Follow”

Sisters of Wyoming
Mission: Getting to Know You While Working for Christ


Young Adults of Wyoming (YAW)
Mission: To minister and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Young Adults between 18-25 years of age in and around the community.
Vision: To learn & teach God’s Word, bring lost souls to Christ and provide avenues of fellowship for Young Adults.

The group is made up of members in the age range of 18-30 years of age at the Wyoming congregation.  There are other members of Wyoming Avenue who are mentors to the group to help teach, lead and provide direction for the members. We have officers who handle the operations and give general directions for the group.  Officers meet and get guidance from the Leadership at Wyoming Avenue.