“Demolition Assured”

Proverbs 15:25

We hear much about talk today about demolition. We are told, and we observe that, in the city, there are many houses that need to be demolished. They disfigure the landscape and lend themselves to criminal activity. In the interest of aesthetics and safety, people are seeking to get undesirable houses demolished. That, however, is afar different thing from someone demolishing the houses in which we live. What if we were to return from work, vacation or church services, only to find that heavy equipment has leveled our houses to the ground? It would be a painful and depressing experience.

The writer of the book of Proverbs informs us that, from a spiritual perspective, there are certain persons who can be assured that their houses will be demolished. He says in chapter 15, verse 25, “the Lord will tear down the house of the proud.” When the Lord demolishes something, it has been demolished, indeed? The house of the ‘proud’ will be the target of the wrecking ball of God. The word ‘proud’ translated from the Hebrew term ‘gay-eh’ and means, lofty, arrogant.

Arrogant people are difficult to teach. They are not good listeners. They do not relate well to others. They have a distorted view of their own worth as well as the worth of others. Their houses are a bit late to the neighborhood of God. They’re dangerous to the souls of men. God, therefore, has promised to demolish them. Be sure that your house is properly maintained, otherwise, God himself will bring it down.

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