“Do Nothing, Receive Nothing”

Proverbs 13:4

Desire can be a powerful and positive thing, although it is subject to misuse. People are motivated to plan, work, and sacrifice that they might acquire something that they want or need. If man did not desire food, shelter and clothing and a given standard of living, he would not be willing to meet the demands of employment. ‘Craving’ can be a great motivator. some people, however, only crave. They aren’t willing to invest the time and energy to make something happen.

The writer of Proverbs says, “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing.” He desires, longs for, and hopes for something good to happen, but it doesn’t happen. Fruition eludes him, because the seeds of failure have been planted in his mentality. He has somehow accepted the false philosophy of ‘things just happen.’ He doesn’t understand that want, without work yields nothing. In short, more often than not, if you do nothing, you receive nothing. (that satisfies)

This is true for the individual but it is also true for organizations. There’s a price to be paid for accomplishment and success. The churches will NOT do great things IF the members are NOT willing to commit, sacrifice, and wok. dreams remain dreams for the sluggard, but exciting things can and do happen for those who actualize their dreams through planning and effort.

A church what will trust God, work hard and work together can do miraculous things. One that only ‘craves’ will ultimately die. The ‘Do nothing, get nothing’ principle is still at work.

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