“The Peacemakers”

Matthew 5:9

It is not difficult to find those who promote strife, division, confusion and turmoil. These are attractive to some people. Is attractive to some people because of inner unrest, anger, boredom, and unresolved personal issues. They create on the outside wood is taking place on the inside in many instances. Satan capitalizes on certain conditions and experiences, and causes the individuals to seek to cope in ways that are not healthy or fruitful. They seek to create disturbance instead of peace, but this does not bring happiness.

Jesus taught that “making” peace contributes to happiness and a state of well-being rather than “breaking” it. He said,”Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.”(Matthew 5:9) making peace involves the application of several virtues. It involves the search for truth and understanding. It involves the spirit of forgiveness. It involves patience and tolerance. It demands the wisdom that comes from God. It takes into account the feelings of others. Peacemaking requires a person who was spiritually oriented.

Let us all strive to be peacemakers. The presence of peace provides the best atmosphere for progress and success. It guards against discouragement and spiritual weariness. It makes one want to smile, and sing, and rejoice, and focus upon the perfection of God and the potential of man. Peace is a good thing, that’s why God said that we should make it.

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