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A STRONGHOLD – Proverbs 10:29

A stronghold represents security, safety and strength.  It suggests defense or a place of refuge.  We are well aware of the need for the physical man to be safe from the harm of enemies.  We live in a world of violence and aggression.  We need protection on a personal level and even more so on a national level.  In ancient times people built strong, walled cities to help protect themselves against the enemy.

Man also needs “spiritual” security.  There are enemies that seek to destroy the soul or to make man weak and defenseless.  God has promised His spiritual protection to those who will walk in His way and live by His standards.  Every day people are under attack.  The devil seeks to diminish the self with fear, lawlessness, hatred, idolatry, and aimlessness.  Many have been overpowered by these things and live lives that have no, or reduced meaning.

When we walk in God’s way, we are powerful, confident, disciplined, assured, and secure.  The devil can’t take over souls and cause us to have the mentality of the defeated.  The Bible tells us that we are “more than conquerors through Him that loved us.” (Romans 8:37)

These are times when people are shaky, unsure and insecure, but those who honor the Lord’s way have God Himself as their stronghold.

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